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http://si2012.ncdpi.wikispaces.net/Arts+Training+Materials+DRAFTS to access current materials in development for SI 2012.

Team members:

Please enter the requested information in the chart below.

Skype Name
Phone number(s)
Christie Lynch Ebert
Arts Education Consultant and A+ Liaison
919-807-3856 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 919-807-3856 end_of_the_skype_highlighting(work);
919-608-6238 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 919-608-6238 end_of_the_skype_highlighting(cell)

Amber Bass Godfrey
Region 1 Instructional Technology
252-562-0807 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 252-562-0807 end_of_the_skype_highlighting (work cell)
Dianne Meiggs
Region 1 Professional Development Consultant
252-340-0113 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 252-340-0113 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Brenda Wheat Whiteman
A+ Arts Education Specialist
(919) 807-3820-work
(919) 450-5117-cell

DRAFT Summer Institute Outline for Arts Ed (due 3/15)

Possible tool: Gimp - free tool similar to Photoshop

PPT DRAFT SI 2012 (due 5/4/2012)

Team Meeting Notes and Action Plan (May 2, 2012)

Proposed meeting schedule:

Please indicate if the proposed schedule will work for you, and if not, suggest alternative dates/times. Please note that Brenda is part-time (24 hours per week) and is typically available on Tues-Thursdays, with some flexibility to attend meetings on Mondays or Fridays, with advance planning and arrangements. Meetings can take place virtually via GoToMeeting or Skype, as well as face to face, if/when possible. It seems our final run through would be one time that it would be best for us to all be together.

1/30/12 - updated schedule

Team Meetings - agendas, notes, and action plans

Agenda for Meeting on 05.02.2012

(Please see attachment for the agenda with notes and action plan on last page for the 1/31/12 meeting)

Draft agenda for SI Institute 2012

Arts Ed 3-year PD Plan (as developed in August 2011)

Notes and action plan from 2/7/2012 meeting

The team met breifly by phone/Skype on March 6, 2012. A DRAFT content session will be posted on this site by March 15, 2012 - understanding that there are many pieces still in development and that specifics will be worked out as we go. There is also flexibility to adjust content based on integration of other pieces.

ITES Learning Progession & Arts Curriculum Connection Alignment Template

Proposed Norms:

Please read through the proposed norms below, indicating suggested additions/deletions/revisions. We will finalize our norms and protocol for enforcement at our first team meeting.


  • Keep records of our work, including an action plan with responsibilities and deadlines, all available in digital format (see sample below)

Arts Team Action Plan
By When?

  • Participate in meetings prepared and hold each team member accountable
  • Respect teammates and recognize that we have different perspectives and expertise
  • Honor time

Revisions: If you do not agree with the proposed norms, please list any additions, deletions, or revisions that would make these norms acceptable for you.

Consensus: We hope to reach consensus on or by our team meeting on 1/31/12.

Enforcement: We will agree on willingness to enforce the accepted norms by following the norms and revisiting them regularly. These norms are a working list and can be revised at any time.

Getting to Know You

Please complete the "Getting to Know You" activity below. This will help us to understand each other individually and will inform how we work best as a team!

Christie: March 17
Amber: February 27
Dianne: July 19
Brenda: March 23
Propose a name for our team (can be silly or serious – this is just for us)!
Christie: Carolina Girls
Dianne: Artsy Ladies
Compass Points: What is your preferred or pre-dominant compass point?
  • North – Acting – “Let’s do it;” Likes to act, try things, plunge in
  • South – Caring – likes to know that everyone’s feelings have been taken into consideration and that their voices have been heard before acting.
  • East – Speculating – likes to look at the big picture and the possibilities before acting.
  • West – Paying attention to detail – likes to know the who, what, when, where, and why before acting.
*Note that no one is only one “direction,” but you should choose one as your predominant direction.
Christie: East
Amber: North
Dianne: East
Brenda: East
Based on my compass point, what are the strengths of my style?
Christie: Able to see the “big picture,” visionary, interested in how all of the pieces fit together.
Amber: Pushes change; like to get the job done
Dianne: Visionary but also likes to pay attention to details.
Brenda: Focus on the big picture and how the various components fit together - I have a deep need to understand why things work the way they do
What are the limitations of my style?
Christie: Need time to process before jumping in, can be held back if I do not understand the big picture.
Amber: impatience for indecision
Dianne: Worries about how it will all fit together
Brenda: I need a lot of processing time to think things through. I need to sleep on ideas before making a decision.
What do people from other “directions” need to know about me so we can work together effectively?
Christie: Please allow me time to sort through the pieces and see how they all fit together as we plan. (I also have a lot of “South” in me!)
Amber: Sometimes I don't say much, not b/c I don't have anything to add, but b/c I dislike conflict
Dianne: If you tell me what I need to do it will get done. Don't expect me to guess at what I need to do for the team. I am good at making sure everyone has what they need.
Brenda: I get really nervous when decisions are made that don't consider the implications for how everything will fit together.
What do I value about the other three styles?
North – ability to plunge in and get the ball rolling!
South – valuing others’ feelings and opinions
West – making sure all the details are in place
East- detailed plans
South- Cooperation
West- details in place
We each are important and have something integral to add.
Dianne: We are a team. Each person has something valuable to contribute.
Brenda: As a team with people of different strengths, we will have all of the bases covered.
Other: Share something that the other members of the team may not know about you.
Christie: I used to play guitar and sing/record country-western music as a teenager/young adult AND I wanted to be a vet when I “grew up.”
Amber: I am extremely tender-hearted!
Dianne: I m very compassionate. I really care about other peoples feelings and happiness.
Brenda: I worked in the laundry room for Holland America/Westours in Alaska when I was an undergraduate. I can fold a fitted sheet the way it looks when it comes out of the package!
Optional: Provide any other comments you would like to share with the team.
Christie: I feel that we already have common respect for each other on our team and look forward to capitalizing on each member’s strengths and contributions.
Amber: Go Team!
Dianne: I am glad I get o go "back" to the ARTS team.
Brenda: I'm so glad we are back together again this year and getting an earlier start on everything.

Task List (note these tasks and deadlines are embedded in our proposed working schedule).
Due Date
Posted to wiki
Determine team lead
Establish norms with the team
Discuss how to enforce the norms
Establish a meeting schedule
Agreed upon outline for SI session
Content fully developed
May 4, 2012

Supply request complete
March 23, 2012
Submit to Kristin (submitted on 3/15)
Week of May 21, 2012
Rubric for vetting will be posted
Duplication documents due
May 25, 2012
Submit to Kristin Siemek in ERD
Dress Rehearsal
No later than June 11, 2012
Date for your team’s dress rehearsal needs to be posted
Materials posted to DPI website
Week of June 18, 2012
Final versions of all training materials need to be posted

Proposed meeting schedule: