This page houses the draft training materials for the Arts Education content sessions for SI 2012.

Name of Material
DRAFT PowerPoint
Guiding PowerPoint to facilitate content sessions on Days 1 and 2

latest draft

DRAFT Agenda
Lays out approximate timeframe and content for SI 2012

DRAFT agenda and technology resources aligned with presentation
DRAFT Outline

Connecting to Serve All handouts
Provides a quick reference for UDL, ESL, and AIG Connecting to Serve All

This was developed and vetted by Brenda as a possible tool for all content areas.This tool would be very helpful for participants to reference both for elements that we incorporate in our presentation as well as in examples or activities they participate in or observe.
DRAFT handout (take away)
A place to capture key points from the training

UDL and the arts website (Don Glass reference)

National Association for Gifted Children
Gifted Position Statement for Arts Education

Types of Data
Data Literacy Support

Teacher Evaluation Rubric