This site is a mechanism for sharing and posting materials, information, and resources related to the development of the presentation to be embedded during the 2012 Summer Institute content sessions.

Team Members:
Tracey Greggs: RttT Project Coordinator
Amy Scrinzi and Dan Tetreault: RtI representatives
Heather Reynolds: PBIS representative
Sneha Shah-Coltrane: AIG specialist
Freda Lee: EC
Curriculum and Instruction Representatives:
Fay Gore, Social Studies
Lisa McIntosh, ELA
Robin Barbour, Math
Kitty Rutherford, Math
Ragan Spain, Science
Joanne Marino/Glenda Harrell: ELL
Christie Ebert: K-12 Programs (Arts Education)
Julie Malcolm: DST
ERD Representatives:
Mary Keel
Elizabeth Edwards

Meeting Norms:
  • Create a record of our work, including an agenda with clear goals, topics, and materials, action/decision record, all available in digital format (Google Doc).
  • Come to meeting prepared and hold each team member accountable.
  • Respect teammates and recognize that we have different perspectives and expertise.

Current Information Includes:

1. The initial meeting information

2. Information from the January meeting

Freda Lee has shared the following Wiki for members to locate her Universal Design for Learning presentation

February 10.2012

Attached on accompanying pages (located on the left sidebar) are resources that were produced by the Curriculum and Instruction Division in 2006, as well as a document "Educating the Whole Child" produced by K-12 Programs and used during our August 15-16 Chautuagua meeting . These resources and documents are posted as they have information that can be embedded within the Connecting to Serve All presentation. Please review and use as needed.

February 11, 2012

Meeting Notes are included within the Wiki page. Please note the following:

Next Meeting: February 17, 1-3, Room 223
Prior to the Meeting: Please review the presentation shared by Freda (to discuss during the meeting)
During the Meeting: We will review tentative slides addressing
1. UDL (Robin, Freda, and Mary)
2. The Problem Solving Process (Heather, Amy, and Dan)
3. Considerations for ELL (Kity and Joanne)
4. Considerations for AIG (Sneha and Lisa)

Content team members are requested to attend to provide feedback and questions as this information will be used to shape their content sessions during the 2012 summer institute.

NEXT MEETING IS MARCH 7, 1-3PM in the VCC Room (504)

Slide decks will be reviewed and discussed for approval.
DRAFT Slide Decks
Use for Information Content ONLY(these will be visually updated)

Revised from Ann Marie Below

Revised from Tracey (includes notes from Sneha [AIG])