Facilitative Team Time Facilitator's Page

June 22, 2012: Notes for ENKA

It was shared yesterday that many LEAs did not attend the afternoon Leaders with Leaders session. If you are working with an LEA/Charter that did not attend, please direct them to the Leaders section of the Participant Wiki. I have loaded the READY Goal Setting Handout here. The only difference in your facilitation will be to provide time for the team to develop goals for the day. You can direct them to the Leaders section of the wiki where they will find information regarding SMART Goals as well as a variety of other resources to help them.

Training Support

Facilitator training webinars were held on June 6 and June 13.

The Facilitator Training Webinar is located in Dropbox. In this Dropbox, you will also find materials for use in case of Internet outage.

If you need access to the webinar or these materials, please email Heather Mullins at Heather.Mullins@dpi.nc.gov for access prior to Facilitative Team Time.

Facilitative Team Time Session Materials and Overview

Facilitative Team Time Presentation
  • 30 minute presentation
  • 2 hour 15 minute work session - led by LEA/Charter leaders
  • 15 minute wrap up

Participant Wiki: Please take time to review this wiki. If you have links/documents/materials that you think are applicable, please send this information to Heather, Jan, or Robin.

Link to Online Stopwatch

Poster: SI_PuzzleTeamPoster
Puzzle Pieces: SI_PuzzlePieces

Participant Reflection

Facilitator Reflection to Complete after each Facilitative Team Time Session

If you have sensitive information to share: "Please see ___ for more information."**

Facilitator Preparation

Facilitator Checklist

Sample Information Sheet: FTT Regional Template
**Access Information Sheets in Dropbox. (Dropbox access will be E-mailed to you after you complete the form above.)

Facilitator Support Documents

1) Facilitator's Guide: Facilitator's Guide Abridged 2) Facilitator's Emergency Questions Kit: Facilitator Emergency Questions Kit

Facilitator Support Backchannel: Today's Meet (Although we will not be providing this Today's Meet link to participants, this is a live website.)

Link to DSWs for LEAs and Charters: Use this link to discover more information about the RttT Detailed Scope of Work for each LEA/Charter.

Session Front-loading

Leader Email: Leader E-mail

Leaders with Leaders Presentation: Leaders with Leaders FTT (Coming soon!)

Leaders with Leaders Worksheet: READY Team Reflection

Facilitative Team Time FAQ

FAQ Sheet

The materials on this page can support you in your role as a facilitator during our 2012 Summer Institute Facilitative Team Time sessions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the following members of the Facilitative Team Time Team:

Heather Mullins: heather.mullins@dpi.nc.gov 828.244.8759
Jan King: jan.king@dpi.nc.gov 828.606.0177
Robin Smith: robin.smith@dpi.nc.gov 336.802.6824
Brenda Whiteman: brenda.whiteman@dpi.nc.gov 919.807.3820
Michael Hickman: michael.hickman@dpi.nc.gov 919.807.4838
Ouida Myers: ouida.myers@dpi.nc.gov 919.807.1803


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