Facilitative Time Team Members

Heather Mullins
PD Lead Region 7
Robin Smith
PD Lead Region 2
Brenda Whiteman
Arts Education
(919) 807-3820
Michael Hickman

Jan King
PD Lead Region 8
Ouida Myers
Instructional Technology Consultant Region 5
919 807-1803

Link to DPI SI Wiki

Vetting Wiki

June 5, 2012 -Facilitative Team Time: Final Items to Complete

After a day of digging in, this is all we have left to complete.

Make a list of everything we need in terms of supplies, handouts, etc.

Flash Drives: Documents and PPT (backup) -- pull them and put them in Dropbox for facilitators to access in an emergency.
Every facilitator cuts out his/her own puzzle pieces.
Gallon Baggies
Make sure every facilitator brings scissors.
Painter's Tape
Make a list of who will be manning each site's Today's Meet.

6) We need more resources on our wiki. Please help! I have reconfigured the nav bar at right of page. See if it makes sense. I have also uploaded every resource that has been provided. Please look for more materials for the wiki. http://si2012leadertools.ncdpi.wikispaces.net/2012+Facilitative+Team+Time

8) Create a one-page handout with the wiki name and a brief overview of what is on the FTT wiki - just in case we have a technology flop. (Since we will only need 175 copies or so, I think we can just make these without having to go through the duplication process. We can just throw it in a copier at each site. The most we would need would be about 45 at a site. (Thoughts?)

What else am I forgetting?

2012 Summer Institute Duplicating Process

Facilitative Team Time To Do List

1) Please review the Leaders with Leaders presentation and notes section for each slide and provide feedback to me. (With Jan's revisions) Leaders with Leaders FTT rev 5.16

2) Please review the comments for each element of the Vetting Rubric. Please make suggestions as to how we can improve our explanation. If we need to revisit a specific area because we have not met the standard, please let me know your thoughts. (With Robin's Additions and Suggestions) Facilitative Team Time Vetting Rubric Components Addressed Revised

3) Please review this VERY ROUGH DRAFT of the Faciltator Emergency Questions Kit and provide me with feedback as well as any suggestionf for more questions or any ideas about how to organize questions. Facilitator Emergency Questions Kit

4) Please review this facilitator preparation and selection process page. It is a VERY rough draft, and I would appreciate your feedback. Facilitator Selection Process

5) Does anyone have a GREAT plan for how we can get all of these puzzle pieces cut out? Each piece will be on a 8x12 sheet of paper, and there are 18 pieces for each LEA/Charter. We are potentially looking at about 3,150 sheets of paper that need to be cut out. I am anxious to hear your ideas. :)

6) Please let me know if there is something I am forgetting. 7) Important Items for Consideration: We have shared that we will add guiding questions to each wiki page/concept. I have begun revising the wikispace, and once everything is populated, we need to make decisions regarding how to organize the pages. Ouida will then revise the wiki to reflect our new structure.

7) Do we need to make hard copies of the PPT for leaders? For participants? Thoughts?

Meeting Notes 5/14/12

1) We reviewed the District Leader Email Draft. Robin's concern was that the email provided my email address which could potentially send a rash of emails to my inbox. Thinking about how important it is that district leaders all have the same information and are prepared for this time, I think this might be our best plan of action. We made a couple of revisions to the letter. Revised District Leader Email: District Leader Email DRAFT 5.15

2) We continued to discuss the debacle of the Google Form. Michael echoed Robert's comments that if we couch our verbiage carefully and use the *See (Add Facilitator Name Here) that we should be ok. However, we are waiting to hear from Katie Cornetto, Agency/SBE attorney, before proceeding. There is no hurry on creating this form. It can be done right before we train the facilitators.

3) Ouida had some great suggestions for how we could reorganize the wiki. Ouida also suggested that we write a brief overview of what we will find on each page directly under the title. Ouida agreed to work with me to reorganize the site once we populate the pages. Michael suggested we rename some of the pages where the key word is not the first word. I have already made these changes. Let me know if you think I need to make any more changes. Participant Wikispace

4) Everyone agreed that the SI Poster is good as is. I will submit it to the vetting team next week.

5) I shared that for vetting May 23, we do not need the whole team. PD Leads will be in Raleigh for our quarterly retreat. I will represent our team along with Jan and Robin.

6) Michael suggested an "Emergency Kit" for facilitators who find themselves working with teams who really are clueless. This emergency document would contain a series of open-ended questions that could spark discussion and provide the LEA/Charter with some direction for their work time. I will begin work on this today and share with the team.

7) I have begun work on the Leaders with Leaders presentation. I will post what I have as soon as I write the audio.

8) I need to populate the vetting rubric with an explanation of how we are meeting each of the criteria through our FTT plan. I will need you folks to review the rubric and add/modify as needed.

9) Please begin to find materials/resources/guides/handouts/videos/etc. to help populate the participant resource wiki. This is our most pressing task to date. Feel free to either email me the information you have or post it yourself using the same layout we are using.

Meeting Agenda 5/14/12

Review District Leader Email Draft: District Leader Email DRAFT 5.14

Discuss Implications of Google Form with Feedback from Facilitators

Visit Participant Wikispace and Discuss Layout/Suggestions

Final Feedback on Team Posters SI_PuzzleTeamPoster SI_PuzzlePieces

Working with Roundtables

Vetting Session: May 23

Issues Bin

Meeting Notes from 5/8/12

Notes Compiled May 9, 2012 : During our May 8 meeting, we worked through each element of the table below. I asked each participant to complete the Google Form.

Team: Thank you, thank you, thank you for a very productive meeting yesterday! You folks provided some valuable feedback and insight!

We had a long discussion about "who" would be facilitating at different sites. We spent a great deal of time working through the concerns that the C&I folks are very involved in so many other SI blocks of time that we will make every effort to protect them. However, in Regions 7 and 8, there are over 30 LEAs/Charters signed up to attend, and we may have to pull from the pool of C&I folks.

We took a quick look at the Facilitator's Guide. This is a six-page document that facilitators can use to prepare to facilitate. Brenda shared that this document might be overwhelming to C&I folks with all their other responsibilities at this time. We discussed the use of Dropbox to house support resources and tools for participants. We discussed getting information from as many of our colleagues as possible to fill those toolboxes. We all agreed to send Brenda any feedback on her quick-reference summary materials that can be found on the participant wiki no later than Thursday afternoon.

We discussed the issue of the Google form and public record and how it will be important to have a procedure in place to share sensitive information that we do not want accessible to anyone and everyone. This is good food for thought and something we certainly need to revisit at our next meeting.

We discussed some changes to the poster that make the poster more user-friendly. I have contacted Allison Eargle in Graphics and she is working up a price and a plan for our puzzle pieces. After working for a couple of hours, she called to share that Tetris-type puzzle pieces would be much easier to create and to cut out. She is going to work up a proof to send it to us for feedback. She will get back to me with a proof soon. I have also asked Kristin Siemek to complete the Graphics Requisition document and asked Yvette to let me know how many copies we will need. SI_PuzzleTeamPoster SI_PuzzlePieces

We took a look at the vetting rubric to ensure that we were meeting all of the criteria as outlined by leadership. We decided that we needed to be more explicit about our ties to the NCEES. Brenda made a great point about our tie to Data Literacy. Our group needs to go back into the audio and make the explicit statement about how we used data to inform our decision-making. By sharing the process we used from FC2 Reflection and Leaders with Leaders, we make a good case for modeling use of Data (Thanks, Brenda!)

We still need to create a presentation for the Leaders with Leaders session. I see this being an overview of the session on Day 2 and an overview of materials. This presentation will most likely be comprised 90% material that is already in the presentation for FTT. One element that we will need to create for this presentation is the activity where the three leaders brainstorm their goals for FTT and then a process/procedure for how each group shares out before transferring their goals to the LEA/Charter poster.

We also reviewed the Presentation and Audio for day 2. Everyone provided good feedback on both the content in the slides and the audio. Thank you for your GREAT feedback. We decided that we need to go back and make clearer ties to Data Literacy and the standards in the NCEES that this session addresses.

Concerns at this point include getting materials into Dropbox so that we can vet them and get them on the participant wiki and ensuring that we have enough facilitators for each site.

Please feel free to add anything I left out.

Meeting #5: 5/8/12

Areas for Review and Discussion:


1) Review table below
2) Make additions to table as necessary
3) Have all group members complete Google Form -- What is the best way to share this with C&I and IT?
4) Issues Bin

Resources for FTT Participants

Participant Wiki

Populate Wiki for Participants
Set up Like Fidelity Check 2
Guiding Questions + Resources (Each topic will have its own page.)

Presenter Information and Support

Google Form for strengths
Call for Resources
Information Sheets for each LEA -- Matching best fit for LEA and facilitator


Facilitator's Guide Abridged.docx Modified from Friday Institute Materials - University of Wisconsin Facilitator Tool Kit
Overview of Resources - Navigating the Wiki
Create Backchannel
What else?


Finalize and get to Duplication
poster rev 5 3.docx
Facilitators will capture information on posters in a Google Form for later distribution to LEAs/Charters.

Review Vetting Rubric

Areas we need to address.
Vetting Rubric Revised.docx
What criteria have we omitted?
What do we need to consider?

Leaders with Leaders Presentation Day 1 Afternoon

Prepare Overview PPT (DRAFT) with Guiding Questions
Introduce Poster and Goal Setting for Day 2 FTT
Add opportunity to share with other LEAs/Charters
Decide on whether we will use posters or a Google Form (that would need to be created) to make last minute adjustments to their assigned facilitator.

FTT Presentation

DRAFT: FTT Presentation 5.9.12.ppt
Work on these Areas:
Closure (with Google form reflection that must be created)

Gathering and Vetting Materials

Folders created in Dropbox
Vetting by our team

Communicate with Content Area Leads

Each participant will need to bring back big rocks and how their piece connects to all. Questions were provided to all content-area folks before FTT was even created.

Shared Resources

Resources to support FTT

Meeting Summary 4/16/12:

Ouida, Jan, and I met and made modifications to the poster/puzzle pieces. The outer larger circle will become three puzzle pieces for District Leader, School Leader, and Curriculum Leader.

poster rev 4 16b.docx

Meeting #4: 4/16/12


1) Finalize Poster poster-1.docx

2) Choose Gatekeepers for each Area

3) Ouida/Bobby to share Resource for Housing Materials

4) Discuss Method to Communicate to PD Leads the Responsibility of Completing LEA/Charter Info Sheets

5) Discuss Concerns Regarding Technology Problems

6) Issue Bin

Meeting Summary 4/6/12:

Ouida, Robin, and I were present at this meeting. We spent the first hour reviewing the information shared and decisions made during the meeting earlier this week. Robin shared insight gleaned from NCLTI East and the Plusses from the feedback. Heather shared information regarding the SI 12 Graphic she received from Tracey Greggs and shared information from her conversation with Dr. Pitre-Martin. Dr. Pitre-Martin shared some resources she would like to see used in the toolkit we create for pacing guides and curriculum mapping. We discussed having a digital parking lot or digital want ads, but we didn't get far in this conversation. Heather also shared information from Eliz and Robert about the feedback from some content folks asking not to facilitate. Eliz shared the analogy from SI 11 where content and ERD members functioned more like the relationship between Pat Sajak and Vanna White (Alpha and Beta) and SI 12 relationships being more like the Amazing Race where both team members would need to take on equal roles throughout the institute. There are simply not enough ERD folks to cover each and every Facilitative Team Time.

We did not really get much farther in the planning process. I will be sending out a Doodle Poll to see when the next time we can meet will be.

Meeting Summary 4/2/12:

We took a look at the Deltas from NCLTI East and discussed how we could use the feedback that was related to this particular session. We will introduce the Decision.Action Record Blank and ensure that the group assigns roles as they develop goals for the day. Ouida is going to work with Regional IT Consultants to ensure that all LEAs and Charters come to Summer Institute with a Digital Parking Lot or other planning tool they can use to table items, capture and organize information, and use during and after the institute.

We made a decision to use the SI graphic on our posters for continuity. Heather has contacted Tracey Greggs to find out if the outer light-green ring would have content so that we could plan for how to have our participants use this graphic in their sharing session.

Universal Design was a major talking point during our discussion today. We decided to add resources for UD as a component of our toolbox. Brenda shared a PDF ConnectingToServeAll to help frame the underpinning of the Institutes.

There was much discussion about the tools for Curriculum Mapping, Addressing Literacy Standards, and Assessment Resources. Heather has a conference call with Dr. Pitre-Martin tomorrow at 11:00 am to discuss these topics and gauge her perspective regarding how/if she would like to see us address them.

Two of the pieces of feedback from NCLTI East that we did not discuss included: Need questions to guide paradigms on where districts really are versus where they think they are and Front load LEAs with questions to encourage more honest dialogue. I would like to discuss these two pieces of feedback at our next meeting. There was one request that we not use content-area folks as head facilitators as they have so much to deal with. This is a leadership decision that I emailed Eliz and Robert about. I will let you know what I hear in response.

We brainstormed ideas about improving the poster by having the graphic, immediate goals, and long-term goals on the poster only. I still would like to have a Want-Ad sort of deal with things they are looking for. I almost wonder if we could do this virtually? Virtual want ads. Wouldn't that be cool? Heather agreed to begin a nuts and bolts PowerPoint before next week.

We reviewed the supply list and discovered that we need Glue Sticks as well as one thumb drive per facilitator to house the Toolbox materials in case of a technology malfunction.

We also discussed a possible solution to our problem of sharing confidential information that could be construed as negative on the one-pager for each LEA/Charter. We decided that if there is a concern that a PD Lead needs to share regarding a specific LEA/Charter, then he/she will add For more information, see Heather and Kim (substitute names of PD Leads in each region.)

Meeting #3: Thursday, April 5, 2012 11:00 am


The proposed graphic will look like this…

1. Ready logo in center (replacing the map)

2. Content areas (CC and NCES) in puzzle pieces

3. White band with Academically/Intellectually Gifted, English Language Learners, and information and Technology since they cross all areas)

4. Red Common Core State Standards and Blue North Carolina Essential Standards

5. Light green band: Universal Design for Learning; Responsiveness for Instruction; Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports

6. Outside green band: Connecting To Serve All

Set Goals for Next Meeting -- April 18

Meeting #2: Monday, April 2, 2012 -- 9:00 am



  • Creating the "Sharing Poster" -- Brainstorming
  • Working with Graphics Protocol
  • Collecting Resources Brainstorming (Shu + Ouida)
  • Vetting Resources Ideas: PD Leads, Regional Leads, and Perhaps High-Flying Districts
    • Universal Design Resources -- Common Foundational Documents and Theoretical Framework
    • Curriculum Mapping: How to get it in and get it working in a meaningful way. (Esp. at elementary level.) Tools, resources, basics.UbD, HHJ, Ericson, Early Educational, Interdisciplinary, -- Guiding Docs and Samples?
    • Improving the Quality of PLCs
    • Making Data-Driven Decisions
    • Team Building
    • Managing Change
    • Strategies for Implementing the Common Core State Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects (Module coming in June 2012)
    • Implementing the Information and Technology Standards
    • Evaluating Professional Development with Fidelity
    • Planning Professional Development: Calendar and Timeline Suggestions and Adult Learning Theory, Stages, Decision Action Record Tool
    • Assessment Development: Deep Topic.... not certain what we can do. MSLs hot topic. -- Do we take this out because of the two-hour assessment session?
    • Parent Communication
  • Presentation Development
  • Responsibilities for Creating LEA/Charter Pages (How to avoid negative comments or concerns about LEAs.)
  • Issues Bin
  • Questions

Meeting #1: Friday, March 16, 2012



  • Brainstorm Other Topics for Toolkit (Whole Team)

Agree to Roles and Assignments

  • Method/Poster to Capture Work From Day 1: Name here

      • Incorporate SMART Goals
      • Achievements
      • Info. from Previous Day
      • Balanced Curriculum
    • Toolkit Development
    • Template for LEA/Charter Information Sheet for Facilitators
  • Design or Create a Virtual Space for Our Toolkit (Live Binder, Wiki, etc.): Name Here

  • Begin to Secure and Scrounge Quality Toolkit Items: All Members

  • Supplies for Facilitative Team Time.xlsx(Due Immediately)
  • Agree on Next Meeting Time

Brainstorming Ideas

In the works.... Fidelity Check reflection questions (Google form) are designed to solicit raw data to consider as we plan this session.

1. Toolkit Overview

2. Method to plan for PD or develop SMART goals

3. Facilitator Back Channel

Copy of Fidelity Check Questions**

I have reconfigured the nav bar at right of page and have uploaded every resource that has been provided. Please look for more materials for the wiki.