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Training Support

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Guided Session Instruction for Facilitators


Facilitated Team Time Session Materials and Overview

Facilitated Team Time Presentation


  • Project Slide Deck
  • Facilitator Support Backchannel: Today's Meet (CREATE NEW LINK) (Not for particpants)
  • Facilitate session according to district needs
    • Intro Approximately 30 minutes (Slides 1 - 11)
    • Turn meeting over to district/charter leader - Slide 12 (Volunteer to be a note taker)
      • If no district/charter leader, use these Reflective Questions
      • Most teams will capture their work electronically. If not, some chart paper and markers are available.
  • Wrap-up session during last 15 minutes with the Tweet Up (Slide 13)


  • Complete Reflection Below
  • Return materials (if use used chart paper, markers, etc)
  • Return room to original configuration (If in school setting)

Facilitator Reflection to Complete after each Facilitated Team Time Session

Facilitative Team Time FAQ


The materials on this page can support you in your role as a facilitator during our 2013 Summer Institute Facilitated Team Time sessions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the following members of the FTT Team:

Beth Edwards: elizabeth.edwards@dpi.nc.gov
Jessica Garner: jessica.garner@dpi.nc.gov
Heather Mullins: heather.mullins@dpi.nc.gov 828.244.8759
Jan King: jan.king@dpi.nc.gov 828.606.0177
Joyce Gardner: joyce.gardner@dpi.nc.gov 828.242.9872
Dan Sparlin: dan.sparlin@dpi.nc.gov 336.802.6824
Jason Rhodes: jason.rhodes@dpi.nc.gov 919.807.3820
Dianne Mieggs:dianne.mieggs@dpi.nc.gov 919.807.4838
Heather Stewart: heather.stewart@dpi.nc.gov 919.807.1803
Adriane Mingo: adriane.mingo@dpi.nc.gov

Facilitator Assignments