Healthful Living Summer Institute 2012


Planning for Healthful Living Summer Institute 2012

Draft Outline

Day 1

Group Norms
DPI Update
RttT Update
Stages of Concern
Chalk Talk Walk - participants form groups based on self-evaluation of stage of concern
Local Healthful Living Leaders Success Stories & Panel Discussion

Day 2

Embedding IT Standards (Alignment with Health and Physical Education ES)
Bullying - Successfully Teaching Health Lesson Plan Activity
Cyber Bullying
Universal Design for Learning - Successfully Teaching Health/Physical Education Activity

There will be a variety of activities on both days involving the above concepts.
Energizers will also be incorporated into the training as well.

Summer Institute Planning Team:
Team Lead: Mary H. Russell, ERD
Les Spel,l Healthful Living
Ellen Essick, Healthful Living
Ouida Myers, Information and Technology
Mike Shumake, ERD

Meeting Dates
March 28, 2012
April 9, 2012
April 17, 2012
April 23, 2012

Agenda and Planning Notes

Refined Healthful Living Summer Institute Presentation Plan

Information and Technology Essential Standards

Supporting Resources
Safety and Ethical Use
Online Safety Resources

Healthful Living Summer Institute 2012 Power Point

Healthful Living Summer Institute 2012 Resources