Creating Norms

Decision Action Record

Utilize this template to record the What, Who, When and Status of what has been decided or what actions need to occur to ensure processes/agreements are completed.


A consensogram allows students to rate their level of understanding of a given topic by placing a sticker, post-it, or mark on a chart.

Transform your group into a TEAM

This activity will enable a group to develop a set of operating norms or ground rules. In existing groups, anonymity will help ensure that everyone is able to express their ideas freely.

Power of Protocols

These abbreviated protocols are intended to assist facilitators in their planning and implementation. The short versions are designed to be used after reading the full protocol description in the book. They are not designed as stand-alone guides, nor do they contain all theinformation necessary to successfully conduct a session. We offer no variations here, nor do we fully describe the process. Duplicating these and distributing them as presented here, to colleagues who are inexperienced, is unwise. In most cases we anticipate that facilitators will download these protocols onto their computers and edit them, adding their own notes, time frames, steps, questions, and so forth. We encouragecustomizing to suit the facilitator’s and the group’s needs.

Getting to Know You Activities

North, South, East and West: Compass Points An Exercise in Understanding Preferences in Group Work

Similar to the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory, this exercise uses a set of preferences which relate not to individual but to group behaviors, helping us to understand how preferences affect our group work.

Chalk Talk

Chalk Talk is a silent way to do reflection, generate ideas, check on learning, develop projects or solve problems. It can be used productively with any group—students, faculty, workshop participants, committees. Because is it done completely in silence, it gives groups a change of pace and encourages thoughtful contemplation. It can be an unforgettable experience.

Double A Protocol Recording Sheet

Document Aspirations and Arguments

Save the Last Word for ME

To clarify and deepen our thinking about articles we read.

Text Rendering Experience

To collaboratively construct meaning, clarify, and expand our thinking about a text or document.