Summer Institute 2012 EXPO

This site is dedicated to the plans, communications, and implementation of the 2012 EXPO for the summer institutes.
Participant Protocol and Timeline

DRAFT EXPO Blueprint

The following document was shared with the ERD Regional PD teams.

LEA EXPO Timeline

Communication to RttT Coordinators 1.19.2012
The 2011 Summer Institute was a big success. As we design the 2012 Summer Institute, we will build upon experiences from that of 2011 as well as incorporate new components. One addition will be the inclusion of the 2012 Summer EXPO. If you attended the ACRE Showcase last year in room 150, you have an understanding of our intent and a point of reference.

The EXPO will highlight initiatives included within the four RttT pillars that would be informative for districts and charter teams. DPI RttT Coordinators or designees will set up a "kiosk" at each summer institute location. The kiosk should include displays, visuals, technology, handouts, etc. as you deem appropriate for sharing information.

Attached is a planning outline for the EXPO. You will see the regions, locations, and the four RttT pillars. In red, I have identified some initiatives that I know of which have been of much interest from stakeholders and educators and should be represented at each institute site.

What I Need From You:
1. Discuss this information with your pillar lead and division director (if applicable).
2. Think about components of your initiative that should be illuminated during the EXPO.
3. Fill in the chart with those components (multiple components could be a part of your display).
4. Carefully look at the dates and locations.
5. Identify the primary contact, as well as 2 other people who will be responsible for attending each site to set up and manage your kiosk. These two people can vary from site to site. This is to eliminate overloading the same people with traveling to all sites.
6. Fill in those names on the chart. Feel free to add more later.
7. Return this chart to me by February 24, 2012