2012 Summer Institute Data Literacy Workgroup Page


Team Members:
Mary Russell
Gregory McKnight
Michelle McLaughlin
Anna Frost
Robin Barbour
Jami Inman
Gail Holmes

Meeting Dates
A= Ask questions
E= Engage fully
I= Integrate roles, resources and responsibilities
O= Open your mind to diverse views
U= Utilize research and data to drive the process and planning
Y= (You) come to the meeting prepared
March 5, 10:00-12:00 (NCDPI)

What is it we would like the learner to be able to do?
  • Define data literacy (Incorporate into conversation)
Data literacy refers to one's level of understanding of how to find, evaluate, and use data to inform instruction. A data literate person possesses the knowledge to gather, analyze, and graphically convey to support decision-making.
Pasted from <http://dataliteracymodule.ncdpi.wikispaces.net/Goal+1>
  • Understand data types
    • Share data types
    • Model one or more with explanation
    • Purpose of using the data
    • Target
    • Method
    • Instrument
  • Identify and apply relevant data to drive the learning process
    • How do you know it's relevant
    • What is this based on (evidence)?
  • Analyze and interpret gathered data
  • Visually represent data
  • Pose questions to guide data collection
    • Probing questions to get students to explain their thinking based on correct and incorrect responses
    • Content develop probing questions (principals, teachers, etc..)
    • Activity